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I ride a 2005 Suzuki C90T, purchased April 29, 2005.

•  It's Japanese, so it runs well.
•  Fuel injection that can run on regular unleaded.
•  Smooth and comfortable.

•  The 3.7 gallon tank is a joke on a 'touring' bike. I get 130 miles between fill-ups; my old CB750 had a 200-mile
•  Saddle bags are small (like most) and Suzuki used cheap snaps.
•  It is impossible to add air to the rear tire unless you buy a 90 degree valve stem adapter (about $11). I consider this a product liability suit waiting to happen for Suzuki.

Repair Record:
•  One bag had to be replaced under warrantee because a snap broke.
•  The gas tank replaced under warrantee because paint bubbled for no apparent reason.